yarnwench (yarnwench) wrote,

How quickly I drop off...

I apparently don't have the discipline to keep a blog anymore! But I guess checking in every few weeks is better than nothing.

August has been horribly hot and humid. My garden is in shambles. My tomatoes have gotten diseased this year and the crop is very minimal. I've got lots and lots of cucumbers, Swiss chard, and multiple kinds of peppers however.

Poison ivy has taken over in our yard this year and I actually broke down and bought chemicals to deal with it and I'm an organic gardener! I wasn't sure what else to do. It's at the back of the yard by the barn and we needed to get it nipped in the bud as it was really starting to cover a large area. I think there've been bumper crops of poison ivy all over this year - might be the heat.

I'm ready for September and hopefully some cooler,drier air. I haven't been on my bike in several weeks because the humidity has been killing me. Kevin continues to bike through it all. I stayed home yesterday while he put in 17 miles of hilly riding in 93 degrees. Meanwhile, at home, I was dividing my irises and planting a new Ninebark shrub and melting. I could not have done what he did!

I've started a 30 day yoga challenge online this month. Today will mark the halfway point! I'm proud that I'm keeping with it and feeling so much more flexible. This really works for me - I set up in my office with my yoga mat and laptop and can do the practice whenever it works for me and no one gets to see me fall over! In addition, I've added in light weights every other day for 15 minutes - also online via youtube. Very nice!

I set up my wheel outside yesterday (seriously, what was I thinking?) - I haven't spun in months due to back issues and a splinted wrist for much of the summer but was missing it. I spun from one of my batts that hadn't sold and it felt good to get back to it. Here's a peek. I'm calling it Cactus Flower.
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I completely support your posion ivy/roundup (or whatever) decision. It's nice to go organic, but you have to make that stuff be gone. I don't think there really are organic herbicides. That is one case where I think its totally acceptable, and it works the first time. We did the same thing in our yard and its now nowhere to be found!

Tomato disease is the bane of my exsistence! Next year I'm purchasing a lot more hybrids from reputable companies.
Thanks Holly. After researching it, I decided it was really the only way to go. Once the poison ivy is dead I'm covering the ground with layers of cardboard and mulching on top of it. Hopefully that will do it.

I had lots of garden fails this year. I think I wasn't attentive enough during the hot drought and things got stressed. Oh well...